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Ego-MFG Products offers sheet metal and structural metal fabrication capabilities for all types and sizes of materials including carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, and others.

We are experienced in metal stamping applications using a wide variety of materials including carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized, stainless, copper, brass and others.

Ego works with our customers to develop fit-for-purpose custom sheet metal products. We offer a collaborative design process that starts with concept development. Once your requirements for sheet metal products are understood and agreed, our design team develop 3D concepts, assess build-ability and provide cost estimates. Sheet metal product prototypes can be manufactured for assessing fit and built form. Once design approved, our engineers plan the manufacturing process and provide final costings.

Of course, you might know exactly what you want and can provide final specifications. Whatever your sheet metal fabrication need, Ego provides you with the fastest path toward a delivered high quality sheet metal product to suit your supply chain.

When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, manufacturing sheet metal products and understanding sheet metal customs product requirements and sheet metal supply chain solutions, Ego delivers the best solution.

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